Affiliate services: You want to design an Affiliate marketing website to make money with affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing website design is the current new trend in the field of online business. To increase sales, e-commerce shop owners need to choose a reputable affiliate website company. webaffiliatevn with 3 years of experience in the affiliate industry will help you do that.

You want to design Affiliate web to make money with affiliate?

Do you want to make a website to make affiliate money?

Webaffiliatevn creates a free online resource to learn how to design your own affiliate website. Our mission is to help non-technical people build and grow their own websites, blogs and online stores using the right tools and platforms. Affiliate marketing is a capital-free online business model that offers the opportunity to start an online business for many individuals who want to start an online business without much capital to create their own products. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is? Read the wikipedia article What is affiliate marketing: Affiliate Marketing (Source Wikipedia)

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Create a beautiful affiliate website, ready to be profitable.

Think of your website as the “storefront” for your business. Build your own website that looks good and fast at Webaffiliatevn. Modern website, powerful and secure hosting will allow you to easily grow your business.

Turn your ideas into profits.

Start your business from over 1 million lucrative niches. We all have a hobby or something that gets us excited and motivated when we think about it. Just an idea to create a successful online business. You don't have any ideas? No problem, Web Affiliate will help you choose a business direction from more than 1,000,000 different niches.

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Why should you create a website? affiliate marketing

   Reason #1: While anyone can start promoting an affiliate product easily, it is essential to have a successful business and become a professional affiliate marketer For a long time, you need to invest money or effort. Every business that wants to be profitable needs investment.

   Second worry: what you own is yours. Affiliate marketing is your business so you need to control it and if you put your business in the hands of Facebook, Twitter you are risking everything. Having a website you can create an online marketing system for your website to automate your online business.

thiết kế website affiliate giúp khởi nghiệp ít vốn

Create an affiliate website to help you start a business with little capital and no risk

Affiliate marketing does not require a lot of startup capital. Anyone can set up a website and start writing content, even with a small budget.

Create an affiliate website to help affiliates make the most of SEO marketing channels

It is very difficult for you to do SEO without a website. If there is a little SEO skill, in the long run, after about 6 months as a web affiliate, it will bring back a sustainable passive income!

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About us

What do we do to help you design an affiliate marketing website?

Webaffiliatevn provides free, easy, step-by-step tutorials for beginners to create an affiliate website to make money online. But if you don't want to invest time to learn to do it yourself, you can invest money to hire a service design affiliate websites compare prices, discount codes, price history, professional product reviews, or create a personal blog!

Design Affiliate website to make money online

What is an affiliate website? The affiliate website is built to refer visitors access to the products and services of affiliate programs. Each time you successfully refer through an affiliate link, you will get paid commission . Affiliate sites are a solid choice if you're looking for a side project outside of your regular office hours to earn extra income.

Guide, consulting Seo Affiliate website.

SEO is the most important online marketing channel for Web Affiliate. In general, Seo Web affiliate is similar to normal SEO, but there will be some differences in how to research keywords, what type of content to write? so that the website not only has good traffic but also has a conversion rate, creating a stable cash flow. TRAFFIC & CONVERT RATE are 2 factors The most important factor for an affiliate website.

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Frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing websites​

Here are some common questions during affiliate web implementation consulting. You should check it out before inbox/call/meet for a 1-on-1 consultation.

Affiliate marketing website design can be profitable, but requires a little investment of time and money.

Website affiliate review product reviews

Product review affiliate website is one of the first 6 types of affiliate marketing websites you should know. With this form, website makers will write reviews, experience products and services in many fields. Specifically: travel, dining, fashion, beauty…

Hình thức thiết kế website affiliate review sản phẩm
Website design form affiliate product review

Figure 1: Product review website form

When making an affiliate review website, you should make a personal blog, using your real name as a brand. As a result, readers will feel more confident about the products and services that you post.

With this type of website, there are two popular forms:

Niche site/Authority Site

A niche site is a type of site where you focus on a particular niche.

Authority Site is a type that is more difficult to do but brings higher income than the above type. You will direct the customer to click on the link, but the link will lead the user to the major e-commerce sites. Through the affiliate link you refer, if the customer buys the product, you will receive a commission.

Product Launch

This is also a popular form and gives quick results for workers. This form is aimed at products that are not yet on the market or are about to be released.

If your website has reviews or gifts for customers, they will certainly not hesitate to buy products through your link.

>>> See more: What is product launch? and what you need to know

Affiliate website shares discount codes, promotional news

Website form of discount code, promotion news is a very effective form of making money. There are many users who always have the habit of hunting for discount codes and promotions before buying any product. Usually, customers will google about discount codes or promotions.

Thiết kế website tiếp thị liên kết mã giảm giá
Website design for affiliate marketing, discount code

Figure 2: Make money with e-commerce sites

To be able to make money this way, you need to update daily, hourly news, promotions, discounts, etc. Then insert the affiliate link and post it on your website. Act like you’re giving, don’t feel like a sale.

If your information is useful, customers will have trust. Once trusted, they will surely click the link you shared on the website to get the code. After that, you will definitely receive a commission from the customer’s order.

Watch demo

Affiliate website compare products, compare prices

Affiliate website comparing products, comparing prices is one of the 6 types of websites that make money from Affiliate Marketing. When buying something, customers will definitely go through the internet to find price information and choose the place with the most reasonable and affordable price.

Website will bring many benefits, attract more visitors and increase income for website owners. Specifically:

Gives users the opportunity to compare prices of products from different vendors
The product categories are much richer than a normal sales website
Visitors can find information about any product using this tool
The website also provides users with information about product features; Reviews, buying instructions for each product. Consumers will have more appropriate decisions when buying.

Certainly, in the coming time, this type of price comparison website will thrive and be a great extra income tool for businesses and individuals.

Watch demo

Website affiliate news, place advertising banners

If you have a news website with high traffic, the topic of the web is related to products and services, you can generate passive income from affiliate marketing. You should place advertising banners leading links to buy products and services on the website, customers who order will receive a commission.

This type of making money has many great advantages, such as:

  • The genre never goes out of style because every day there will be new news
  • Websites of this type will often have a high number of visitors, and many people are looking to read the news. This creates an opportunity for customers to click on the displayed ad link, and you will have more income.
  • Initially, it will not take much capital to start, when you have stable capital, you can hire writers and build your own content team.
  • If you have a lot of capital, you can invest in a professional system.

Website affiliate for instructions, sharing tips

Currently, the experiences, instructions and sharing of tips are always sought by many people every day. You can direct your website in this direction by writing tutorials, experiences and sharing tips. Or you can combine tutorial sharing and review.

Following these tutorials, you can incorporate them into your product introductions skillfully. Articles related to that tutorial topic. Or if you love a certain issue, build a website full of problems around it.

With one of these 6 types of Affiliate Marketing websites, you should invest carefully in SEO to attract more visitors and push the website up.

Website affiliate cashback – cashback model

This is a form of cashback discount when you buy a product or service through the introduction of an intermediary website. With this form, shoppers will be turned into a shopping billionaire and especially develop abroad.

Instead of regular promotions, this form will strongly stimulate customers to shop. Customers will not have to go directly to online shopping websites, they will have access to the cashback first model. Customers will search and buy at shopping centers they know or are interested in.

Next, they will receive the refund after the successful transaction into the store’s account. The amount of that refund will correspond to a % of the value of the product purchased by the customer. Buyers can use this money to continue shopping for the next time or withdraw cash through the linked bank account for personal use.

It is no coincidence that we have successfully completed the design of an affiliate marketing website to create a source of passive income for you, but the most important thing is still you. We need 2 important notes:

1. Focus on your strengths when designing an affiliate marketing website

You should focus on marketing the products of only one niche. The niche that you consider to be your strength, so that later you can easily develop content to attract potential customers to your website.

2. Create useful information after designing an affiliate marketing website

Desire to affirm the value of the product, bring useful information to users about the products that you compare prices, ready to compete healthy on the internet market.

Affiliate marketing sites in Vietnam include

Accesstrade – The largest affiliate website in Vietnam

Up to now,  accesstrade is the largest marketing network in Vietnam with more than 50,000 partners participating in making money. This website is developed based on the profit-making CPA advertising model. This is a platform to connect suppliers and partners with the need to develop an affiliate platform for the purpose of making profits.

At this website, all transactions are strictly managed and clearly reported. This will ensure the interests and trust of suppliers and partners when participating in this model. Accordingly, the results of the transaction will be notified in detail, accurately and in the shortest time.

With accesstrade, the products marketed are very diverse and equally rich such as fashion, electronics, furniture, home appliances, beauty,… from leading e-commerce sites today. such as tiki, lazada, shopee, etc. Most of the marketing products have quite good sales and impressive numbers.

The commission at this website is quite high and more attractive than other marketing sites today. There are campaigns with a commission of up to 20%, but there are also campaigns where the commission only ranges from 3-8%. Users will make payments through their bank accounts on the 15th of every month and make sure there is no scam.

Masoffer – The earliest affiliate website was born

One of the most famous affiliate marketing sites in Vietnam, just behind accesstrade is  masoffer. The way to make money between these marketing sites is the same. Currently, masoffer owns more than 10,000 participants. Of course, advertising items are not limited to many different services.

Masofer’s partners are also major suppliers in Vietnam such as Nguyen Kim, Vien Thong A, adayroi, etc. When conducting marketing, you will create affiliate links to products available on the supply page to help users understand Get the product you need, serve your needs quickly. From there, stimulate consumer demand to get the best sales.

The payment at masoffer is simple and fast by bank card from the 20th to the 25th of every month. Of course, the commission is not as high as accesstrade, but compared to the current common ground, it is at a relatively good level. Therefore, the number of people participating in making money at this site is constantly increasing rapidly.


Adpia is a relatively new affiliate network today when it has only been operating for about 3 years. However, since its launch, adpia has received the attention and support of many people. The potential of adpia is highly appreciated, it can bring you impressive income streams, so you should join as soon as possible.

The products and services advertised on adpia are extremely rich, similar to the above marketing pages. Accordingly, users can buy products more easily and quickly. In addition, this marketing site also has products that the two networks above cannot deploy, which are hosting and domain names.

The highest commission that adpia has ever paid up to now is up to 30%. Therefore, users can gain significant profits when participating in marketing. Currently, many people join adpia and conduct advertising to receive income.


Adflex  provides users with an extremely attractive and trusted marketing platform today. In fact, adflex is a platform that specializes in providing games and has just entered the new marketing market in the last 2 years.

However, adflex has advertised many products from different fields with a commission of up to 400,000 VND for 1 campaign. Naturally, when you join this marketing platform you will get the greatest support and necessary technical issues. This is the affiliate platform you should join to experience today.

Famous affiliate marketing websites in the world include

Amazon associates – the world’s largest affiliate website

You must have heard a lot about amazon right? This is the largest e-commerce site in the US and sells a full range of different goods to serve the needs of everyone. To serve the needs of marketing and advertising, amazon has launched  amazon associates. This site is known as the king of affiliate programs.

Các bạn có thể coi amazon associates là một website đóng vai trò quảng bá sản phẩm. Hiện nay, trang này đang nhận được rất nhiều sự yêu thích của người dùng trên toàn thế giới. Tại trang tiếp thị này có rất nhiều công cụ quảng cáo khác nhau vô cùng hữu ích, nhằm tạo ra tệp thông tin khách hàng ưa thích.

You can consider amazon associates as a website that plays the role of promoting products. Currently, this site is receiving a lot of love from users all over the world. There are many different promotional tools that are very useful on this marketing site, to create a preferred customer information file.

Moreover, you can get the most accurate and fast daily income report. However, when you join, you need to create an account and wait for amazon to approve the account, so it takes a lot of time. So if you want to have an approved account you need to make sure there is at least 1 sale within 90 days.

Website affiliate Ebay partner network (EPN) 

As you know, ebay is the 2nd largest e-commerce site in the US after amazon. This e-commerce site offers users a lot of different products. Like amazon, ebay has launched ebay partner network (EPN for short) with extremely useful affiliate marketing for customers.

Currently, this site has more than 800 million product listings for you to provide customers with buying needs. From there, receive income accounting for about 8% – 20% of orders. Products include household appliances, electronics, technology equipment, etc.

Besides, EPN also provides you with many different support tools. This helps you to improve your campaign quickly and be much more effective. So, if you are intending to make money from an advertising marketing platform, then EPN is the choice you cannot ignore.

Commission Junction (CJ)

This is an affiliate program owned by conversant which is extremely popular today and has become popular in the advertising and marketing community in Vietnam and other countries around the world. Similar to ebay and amazon, CJ also provides users with a variety of products. Therefore, to be able to make money effectively, you should build your own plan and strategy. From there, the order volume will be larger than expected.

At CJ, there are hundreds of brands for you to market and a huge number of  Niche  in many fields. Not only that, CJ also supports users to optimize the web right on mobile devices and other applications extremely effectively. Collecting information and converting traffic sources happens faster than expected.

Of course, paying at CJ also makes you worry-free with an extremely reliable system. CJ supports payment at many other banks through payoneer which is very convenient and fast.

Clickbank digital product affiliate website

In the affiliate marketing industry, clickbank is so famous and well-known with more than 17 years of operation. This is a market that provides digital products such as ebooks, software, etc. and has strengths in digital development.

Potential customers of  click bank  are usually Americans, so English sites will help you earn higher profits. Of course, click bank will not be suitable for developing links in Vietnam because the demand for the products on click bank is not as expected.

Moreover, click bank conducts weekly payments to customers via credit cards. Of course the payment is fast and extremely reliable.

Here’s how to build and grow your affiliate website.

Of course, the first step is to start creating a website, then thinking about how to  develop an affiliate website . Building an affiliate website from scratch can seem daunting, if you have no prior website creation experience.

Don’t worry though, you can easily create an affiliate website in no time using WordPress. WordPress offers a number of themes made specifically for affiliate marketing that are very professional.

Another great thing about WordPress is the ability to install plugins. There are thousands of free WordPress plugins that you can use to give your affiliate website more power. You can use Yoast SEO for SEO optimization to increase traffic to your affiliate website , SeedProd to create a coming soon page for your website and start growing your email list and ThirstyAffiliates to make it easy for you to manage. Manage your affiliate marketing links.

With WordPress, you can create your affiliate website quickly and without spending too much to hire programmers.

Choose a niche for your affiliate website and join affiliate programs.

Now you need affiliate products to promote on your site. But, it is important that you choose a niche for your affiliate website first. If your affiliate website has all kinds of technology products to home products, fashion…, your website will be everywhere. But, by choosing a niche, a niche, you can focus on a specific target customer. This will make things more manageable and you will be able to promote your products more effectively.

For example:;…

Once you’ve chosen a niche, it’s time to find the products you want to promote. The easiest way to do that is by joining affiliate programs. Some of the most popular affiliate programs are  Amazon Associates , click bank … if you are an affiliate in a foreign market, and if you work in Vietnam, there is  Accesstrade, Massoffer… . Create an account and browse through these sites to find the products you want to promote.

Drive traffic to your affiliate website with useful content.

After choosing an affiliate product that you like, you will receive an affiliate link for each product you can share on your site. But you can’t just create a product and insert your affiliate link and expect sales to start increasing over time. Instead, you need to attract online shoppers by creating helpful blog posts and product reviews.

Blog posts that include commercial investigation keywords, sales keywords will help your target audience discover your website. The investigative keyword is used when a user searches for information that could lead to a transaction. Some examples of investigative keywords include:

toshiba refrigerator review
Which air conditioner is good?
Compare LG air conditioners with panashonic.

For example, a user interested in buying a camera might Google: what camera is best. If you create blog posts about your reviews and recommendations with similar keywords, you can increase traffic to your website. So create insightful, helpful content based on the products you’re promoting.

Optimize your affiliate website to increase conversions.

You’ve got a website, great products to promote, and useful content to attract the right audience to your site. But does it all mean that they will choose to click on your affiliate link and buy?.You should remember website has a lot of traffic not necessarily a lot of money because the big problem is that you have to convert that traffic into buyers. row. That’s why you need to optimize your website to increase conversion rate. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to encourage your website visitors to buy products through your affiliate links, including:

  • Create urgency

Creating a sense of urgency will make shoppers act faster. For example, you can use phrases like: 25% off today only, this discount code has only 13 hours left to expire…

  • Add a contact form

Add a contact form to your website using a plugin like, contact form 7, Formidable Forms so you can collect useful information about your readers and they can easily contact you if they have questions.

  • More evidence for customers to believe

If your site is trusted by others, your website visitors will also feel more comfortable trusting your recommendations. So, show proof on your website. like website views, facebook shares, celebrity pictures who also buy that product…

Insert price comparison table to increase conversion rate

Thường tâm lỹ khách hàng, họ sẽ muốn mua hàng giá rẻ nhất, vì thế việc chèn các bảng so sánh giá sau những đoạn review có thể tăng tỷ lệ chuyển đổi cho bạn.

tăng chuyển đổi cho website affiliate

Website design affiliate marketing is probably the most optimal solution for those of you who want to make long-term, sustainable money with affiliate marketing, Website is fully equipped with the most advanced features to help you make money through the model of affiliate marketing. affiliate. Making more or less money depends on the website owner’s ability to develop an affiliate website. If you invest time to write articles for the web then I am sure that you will make money steadily from affiliate marketing.

An affiliate marketing website design client only needs to write about 6 articles a week, knowing how to optimize Onpage SEO basically in 6 months can earn about 5 million passively per month, if you continue to write and learn more An advanced way to develop affiliate business is to build an online marketing system, this number will certainly increase over time.

thiết kế website affiliate kiếm tiền online

When it comes to integrating an affiliate program into your website, there are a lot of things to consider. Trying to stay in touch with your collaborators, providing them with the key information and knowledge they need to help you promote your products, and tracking clicks and payments can quickly become a problem. overload if you do it manually when the number of collaborators is increasing.

One simple solution is to create a dedicated affiliate website where you can connect with your affiliates and effectively manage your program. Fortunately, WordPress makes it easy for you to do just that by installing the plugin with one click.

Why shop owners might want to create an affiliate website

Chances are, if you have an affiliate program, you already have a website/online store for your brand. Starting a platform specifically for your partnerships with influencers and publishers may seem like overkill.

However, having a separate website for your affiliate program can be helpful in a number of ways. For starters, it creates a hub where your affiliates can go to create affiliate links, create banners, graphics, and any other material they might need when promoting. report your product.

It also makes program management easier. Having a dedicated website allows you to track the effectiveness of your partnerships by tracking your click-through rate (CTR). You can also update payments to ensure they are sent on time so you can keep your collaborators happy .

These benefits can also come to you at a very low cost. Using WordPress to launch your affiliate website is affordable and offers flexibility and key functionality through convenient, easy-to-manage plugins.

Benefits of creating an affiliate program website for online shop owners

When combining the affiliate program – affiliate program into the website, the online shop owner can gain the following benefits:

Optimizing advertising costs

The affiliate website operates on a Cost per action cost model that limits ROI risk, meaning that only when the sale action is completed will the shop owner pay a commission to the collaborator, helping the online shop owner save money. Marketing costs compared to some traditional online advertising forms such as: Rent banners, google ads, facebook ads, zalo ads…

Increase sales revenue

Having many collaborators helps online shop owners take advantage of the power of verbs to increase sales. In addition, the affiliate website does not limit the time to access, click or buy, so the online shop owner can still increase the passive amount of money received when doing business online from the active sales process of the collaborators. .

The affiliate program is easy to manage and use

Website integrated with affiliate is very easy to use like using a mobile application, so online shop owners can easily manage and operate.

Demo of integrating affiliate into the website for Shop owners


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